Wednesday, August 17, 2011

School: Take 2

Well we had our first day of school – it was tough.  The girls were both overwhelmed.  Nanna had a headache when she got home.  Both girls felt like they did not do well and had a hard time making friends.  I think the enormity of what they had done, (coming the US) hit them both hard.  They were feeling a little sad and homesick.  I promised them that it would get better.
I love it when I am right!  J

On the 2nd day of school I dropped of two doubting Thomases but picked up two smiling girls!

They made friends! (I knew they would.) Oh what difference a day makes.  They decided to play volleyball and made friends with some of the girls on the team.  So right after school we went and got sports physicals.  Today they took their gym clothes so they can go to practice.  Nanna also made a friend on the cheerleading squad.  She is hoping that she can practice some with them even if she can’t be fully on the squad.
Neither of the girls has tried to eat the hot lunch that the school offers yet.  They have taken fruit and sandwiches with them.  I so hope soon that they will at least try it!

Next step is to try riding the bus!
Nanna and Yasmina bring such joy to our lives.  We are so happy they are here.

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