Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another Great Day

Today was a great day!  Rodger’s parents came over and mom made French toast.  Yummy!  Later on in the day, the girls and I went out and about to take a look around.  I took them to the horse stables here on base and we got to pet some horses and then we drove over to Main Side.  I showed them where Rodger works, the base theater, chapel and restaurants.  We then drove down to the boat ramp and while we were there we saw two dolphins!  Although we all jumped out of the truck with our cameras, not one of us got a photo!  POOP!  We will get them next time!  I did however; get a shot of the girls on the dock!
The very nice Mrs. H at WBHS let us into the school today to let the girls look around and get a bit familiar with where they would be going to school.  A BIG THANK YOU to Mrs, H!  We made a few changes to the girls’ schedules and then looked around the school and found all of their classes.  It was fun and exciting.  I just know they are going to do well.

To end the day, we went out to eat at Gilligan’s with mom and dad Peterman.  It is a seafood restaurant and the girls both had shrimp.   

Then we came home, painted their nails and they are now in bed trying to sleep.  They both are nervous and excited about tomorrow, their first day of school.  Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for my girls that it all goes well!

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