Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Today the girls played in their first volleyball game.  It was fun to see how much better they have gotten. They both did so well!  Unfortunately, we lost. L  However, we lost with a good attitude and maintained good sportsmanship.   The girls look so cute in their VB uniforms!  Our nest game is on the 13th. 

The Girls

The JV Team

Go Warriors!

Nanna going for the ball.

Yasmina hitting it over the net.
We are getting ready to head down to my sister’s house in Florida.   We are planning on taking the girls out on the boat!  Going to try and teach them to water ski and take them tubing!  Fun in the sun!  It should make for some great photo opportunities!    Love those Kodak moments!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just Another Day in Paradise

The last few days have not had many exciting events.  That is a good thing I think.  We are getting into a routine.  The girls have settled into school, volleyball, and home life well.  They are both getting more comfortable with their classes and the American high school way of life.

They have also been introduced to the ATM, American Teenage Male.  Oh my!  The boys are coming out of the woodwork.  They both have gotten many requests on Facebook, notes passed by eager young lads, and girlfriends trying to hook them up with ‘cute boys!’  So far, my girls have not been interested.  WHEW!  I have no doubt that at some point, there will be a cute boy that catches their eye, but for right now, they have not taken the bait.
Today is Sunday.  We had planned on going to church this morning.  However, Yasmina is not feeling well.  She has the yuckies.  No fever, just not feeling up to par. 

Both of the girls are reading the book “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett.  Once they have gotten a good start on it, we will go see the movie.  I think it will help them to understand it better.   I read it last week.  It was really good and I hear the movie is great.

All is well here at The Peterman Family.  J

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Go Team!

Tonight the girls went to their very first football game!  They went with a friend, Lucia.  She is also a foreign exchange student from Spain.  They were meeting other friends at the game.  I hope they have fun.
Yasmina & Nanna

Nanna, Lucia & Yasmina

Today when they rode the bus home (for the first time) they got off at the wrong stop.  J  But two girls, Tabitha and Dana, walked them home.  They are making friends!  I am so proud of them!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

So Far So Good

Well the girls have been here for just over a week now and I must say they are doing great!  It seems that each day gets better and better.  I am so proud of them!

Today they met with their AFS liaison, Cindy.  She took them out for ice cream and then back to her house.  I think they had a nice time. 

We had a lazy weekend.  We mainly just stayed at the house.  The girls were tired.  They caught up on some much needed sleep.  Saturday, Nanna and I went to Wal-Mart so she could get a volleyball and practice some.  She came home and put it away in her room.  However, Gus, our cat, has this issue with white round things, so he attacked it! 
Gus, the Attack Cat!
So Nanna’s brand new ball now has teeth marks all over it!  GRRRR!  That darn cat!  So now I need to go back to Wal-Mart and get Nanna a new ball!  Hopefully, this one will last longer than two hours!  Even though Nanna’s ball has teeth marks in it, it still works.  So she and Rodger went to the court and practiced!  J

Tomorrow starts a new week.  I hate that they must get up so early for school.  I will take them in the morning so that they can get an extra 30 minutes of sleep.  Friday is the first home football game and they are both looking forward to it!  Another first!  Keep your fingers crossed that this week is even better than last!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Volleyball Practice

Yasmina practicing her serve.

Nanna practicing her serve.

Go Yasmina!

Go Nanna!
The two newest Lady Warriors!

The Wheels on the Bus

Another first...riding the school bus.  Wish it didn't come so early. (6:30) 

 Don't they look cute?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

School: Take 2

Well we had our first day of school – it was tough.  The girls were both overwhelmed.  Nanna had a headache when she got home.  Both girls felt like they did not do well and had a hard time making friends.  I think the enormity of what they had done, (coming the US) hit them both hard.  They were feeling a little sad and homesick.  I promised them that it would get better.
I love it when I am right!  J

On the 2nd day of school I dropped of two doubting Thomases but picked up two smiling girls!

They made friends! (I knew they would.) Oh what difference a day makes.  They decided to play volleyball and made friends with some of the girls on the team.  So right after school we went and got sports physicals.  Today they took their gym clothes so they can go to practice.  Nanna also made a friend on the cheerleading squad.  She is hoping that she can practice some with them even if she can’t be fully on the squad.
Neither of the girls has tried to eat the hot lunch that the school offers yet.  They have taken fruit and sandwiches with them.  I so hope soon that they will at least try it!

Next step is to try riding the bus!
Nanna and Yasmina bring such joy to our lives.  We are so happy they are here.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The First Day of School

The girls made it off to school this morning.  They both looked cute in their uniforms. 

I took them this morning, but they will start riding the bus in the next couple of days.
I know they were nervous but have no doubt that they will do fine. 

Home Room for Yasmina

Nanna's Homeroom

Girls First Period American Literature

Can’t wait to hear all about their day when they get home!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another Great Day

Today was a great day!  Rodger’s parents came over and mom made French toast.  Yummy!  Later on in the day, the girls and I went out and about to take a look around.  I took them to the horse stables here on base and we got to pet some horses and then we drove over to Main Side.  I showed them where Rodger works, the base theater, chapel and restaurants.  We then drove down to the boat ramp and while we were there we saw two dolphins!  Although we all jumped out of the truck with our cameras, not one of us got a photo!  POOP!  We will get them next time!  I did however; get a shot of the girls on the dock!
The very nice Mrs. H at WBHS let us into the school today to let the girls look around and get a bit familiar with where they would be going to school.  A BIG THANK YOU to Mrs, H!  We made a few changes to the girls’ schedules and then looked around the school and found all of their classes.  It was fun and exciting.  I just know they are going to do well.

To end the day, we went out to eat at Gilligan’s with mom and dad Peterman.  It is a seafood restaurant and the girls both had shrimp.   

Then we came home, painted their nails and they are now in bed trying to sleep.  They both are nervous and excited about tomorrow, their first day of school.  Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for my girls that it all goes well!

Time to Shop

Well the girls made it through their first full day in the USA.  We had to go school uniform shopping…so I took them to Wal-Mart.  It was great!  They were surprised (understatement) at how huge it was.  We somewhat successfully got their uniforms (we still need more)

and then did a bit of food shopping.  They have told me that they both usually eat cereal for breakfast, so we headed to the cereal aisle.  Yasmina looked at all of the different boxes and put her hand to her forehead and said, “Oh my!”   I can only imagine what was going though their minds.  All those boxed and none looking familiar.  We ended up with Frosted Flakes and lots or fruit and some salad.  J 

For dinner tonight we had hamburgers and french fries. I think they liked it!  By 8:30 they were getting tired but they made it until 9:30 before they turned in. 

Tomorrow we are touring the school!  I can’t wait!

Friday, August 12, 2011

They Are Here!!!

The girls have arrived!  So exciting!

 Bless their hearts, they are so sweet but so tired! 

 They have had a long trip: 12 plus hour plane ride and then a 5 hour car ride to top it off.

But as you can see they are tucked safely in their beds. 

Tomorrow is a busy day!  We will be checking out their school and shopping for school uniforms! 
We feel so blessed to have them here with us!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

24 More Hours!

This time tomorrow we will be picking up the girls!  Wow, I can’t that we are getting ready to have two teenagers again!  LOL  Who would have thought?  I am sure the girls are going to be very tired but we are going to try and keep them up on the drive home so that they will hopefully sleep the night through.  Saturday, we are going to go check out their high school and buy school uniforms.  Should be fun!  Stay tuned for photos!

T minus 24 hours and counting!