Tuesday, August 2, 2011


They say when you have a child on the way you nest, Well I have been nesting!  I've been trying to get the girl's rooms ready.  Spent yesterday sanding, priming and painting!  One more piece of furniture to paint!  Still need to sew the curtains for Nanna's room.  And come up with something 'fun' in Yasmina's room.  Yasmina's rooms is blue and Nanna's is green.  I so hope they like them!  As soon as they are done I will post some photos!  But for now, back to painting!

10 DAYS!


  1. Ha! I just wrote a post about the exact same phenomenon on my blog! http://tomasintennessee.tumblr.com/
    We are also first timers.
    Like your blog!

  2. How can they NOT like those gorgeous rooms; wow they are very lucky girls! Beautiful job on the rooms!