Saturday, April 21, 2012


Yasmina getting her nails painted.

Nanna getting her toes painted.

Yasmina getter her toes done.

Nanna getting ready to get her nails done.

Pretty toes!

Amy came over to help with our hair emergency!  Whew!  Thank you Amy!

Jessica came over to help with Yasmina's hair!  Thank you Jess!

Beautiful Nanna!
Beautiful Yasmina!

She's a knockout!

She's a head turner!

What beautiful girls!

Pretty as a picture!

Say cheese!

Nanna, Yasmina & Nicole

Cheers! at the Olive Garden

At the prom.

Nanna, Mrs Drake, the principal & Yasmina at the prom.

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  1. They are so beautiful! Hope they had the time of their lives. Such a special event.