Saturday, December 24, 2011

Guest Blogger…Aunt Janet

Merry Christmas from South Carolina!  Tonight we had the absolute pleasure of adding a little Denmark tradition to our Christmas Eve festivities. Nanna told us about how at home she and her family dance around the tree and we decided to give it a try! May I say – what a WONDERFUL tradition! We had a blast “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree.” 
Yasmina, Nanna, Aunt Janet

Yasmina, JoBeth & Nanna

JoBeth & Yasmina

Aunt Janet, Nanna & JoBeth

It took a little prodding to get the guys in the groove…but in no time at all they were in the spirit of the season and fun was had by all.
Yasmina, Nanna, Aunt Janet, Rodger, Grandpa Fred

Rodger gettin' jiggy with Aunt Janet!

Grandpa Fred, Rodger, Aunt Janet & Yasmina

Aunt Janet being Rudolph 

JoBeth being an even BETTER Rudolph!!!

Yasmina, Rodger, Grandma Karen, Grandmother & Uncle Hugh

We have our own little tradition – every Christmas Eve the kids get to unwrap one present in anticipation for Christmas morning.  JoBeth gave Yasmina and Nanna a gift to unwrap

 --- Christmas pajamas from Victoria’s Secret!

Don’t they look cute!

May I say on a personal note – Nanna and Yasmina are both wonderful young women and I am so glad I have had a chance to get to know them. Tomorrow morning will be the big unwrapping – but for tonight we will relish our little bit of Denmark here in South Carolina.

PS... On our way to church on Christmas Eve.

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  1. Hey now, wait a minute. VS pajamas?! I feel totally ripped off... lol.