Saturday, December 31, 2011

Girls Day Out

Today I took the girls and two of their friends to Charleston. (It’s about an hour away.)
Nanna & Amy

Yasmina & Nichole

Nanna, Amy, Yasmina & Nichole

I took them to the mall where I dropped them off so they could shop ‘till they dropped!

Amy, Yasmina, Nanna & Nichole
After the mall we went to an Italian restaurant called Olive Garden.  Yummy!

Nanna, Amy, Nichole & Yasmina

We ended our day at the Ice Place and did a little ice skating!
Nichole, Nanna, Yasmina & Amy getting ready to hit the ice.

Nanna & Yasmina ready to skate.

Yasmina is a good skater!  Amy in the background getting the feel of the ice.

Nanna is a good skater too!

Amy & Nanna

Nichole holding onto the wall with Yasmina by her side.

Amy & Nanna

Yasmina & Nichole
A good time was had by all!

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