Sunday, November 27, 2011


I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!  We had lots of fun at my sister and brother-in-law’s house!  A big THANK YOU to Dan and Jami!  The drive was L O N G but well worth while!  As you can see, we drove through several states.

Sorry, bad photo!  It was just too dark! 

Once we made it to Kingwood, the fun began!

Cousin Natalie & Nanna sitting around the fire.

Yasmina and Aunt Janet sitting around the fire.

Yasmina, Aunt Janet, Aunt Jennifer, Cousin Natalie, Nanna & Grandmother sitting around the fire.

Thanksgiving was delicious!  Jami out did herself!  She is a chef extraordinaire! 
Nanna, Aunt Janet, Uncle Hugh, Grandmother, Natalie & Yasmina eating Thanksgiving dinner.
  Nanna and Natalie (the birthday girls) got to do the wishbone.

Nanna, Janet, Jake, Grandmother & Natalie.
However, the wishbone was not dry enough to break so we had to try it again later.  The girls were ready!  The winner won $40!

Natalie was the winner!  But she gave Nanna half of the winnings!
On Friday, we went out to Stan’s house (he has 120 acres) to shoot the guns and ride the 4 wheelers!  Woooohoooo!  Big fun!

The girls in the Rhino.

The girls loved the 4wheelers.They had a blast!Their cousin Anthony gave them rides in the rhino!He is an expert driver!I even had him give me a ride!Yeeehaw!
Nanna & Stan

Yasmina & Dad
After we rode for a while, it was time to start shooting!

After shooting we went back to the house and hung out in the man cave and around the fire pit!

The drive home was long and tiring, but we made it!  A new week starts tomorrow so it is back to school and back to work and lots and lots of laundry.
It was lots of fun and glad we went, but really gald to be home!

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