Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend – Sunday

Time to shop!  The girls and I wanted to go shopping.  However, not being from Jacksonville, I did not know my way around.  So my son, Michael, graciously offered to be our driver and chauffeur us around.  We went to St. John’s Town Center.  It has over 150 stores to choose from!

 Yasmina immediately zoomed in on Abercrombie and Fitch and we were off!

 Now we did not get to all 150+ stores, but we did manage to make it through a few.  We hit Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, Aeropostale, and a sporting goods store where the each picked up a Florida Gators shirt.  We also managed to squeeze in lunch at Panera Bread!  YUMMY!!!

After all that shopping we headed back to my sister’s house. 

Our plan was to go to the beach but we decided to just stay put and lounge around the pool.

Michael, my son, took on the girls in a water war.  They were no match for him.  He dunked both of them several times. 

My sister and her husband, Hugh, tried to help girls by giving them water guns,

 but it did not take long for Michael to seize them and then use the water guns against them!
He eventually tired and I decided to hop in! 

We stayed in the pool until well after the sun went down.  A big THANK YOU to my sister and brother-in-law for inviting us down for such a fun weekend!

Monday morning, we loaded up the truck, hooked up the boat and headed for home.  We plan on going back again this upcoming weekend – Hugh is getting ticket for us to go see the Jacksonville Jaguars! 

Stay tuned for photo of the girls at their first professional football game!  

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  1. Very nice photos! It looks like you have lots of fun in the sun. Wish I was an exchange student....