Sunday, September 25, 2011

An AFS Get Together

Today we got together with two other AFS families:  Bob & Cindy and their exchange son, Jay and Margaret and Jim and their two exchange daughters, Nicolla and Denise.  We all went shopping in Old Town Beaufort for a while
Yasmina and I in the candy store! 

Denise, Yasmina & Nanna.

Nanna, Jay & Yasmina holding napkins that say "Dear Santa, Please stop in Beaufort first!"  : )

Nanna & Yasmina
and then headed back to Bob and Cindy’s for a yummy dinner of burgers and dogs! 
Margaret, Cindy's Mom, Yasmina, Nanna, Jim, Jay, Nicolla & Denise

Yasmina, Nanna, Denise, Nicolla & Jay

Nicolla, Nanna, Yasmina & Denise
The plan was to go kayaking after dinner but the girls had plans for tonight so we had to leave.  We will do the kayaking another time.  J  It was nice for the girls to have the opportunity to see other exchange students.  Nicolla and Denise are from Germany and Turkey.  Jay is from Thailand.   A good time was had by all! 
Tomorrow brings a get togehter if the JV Volleyball team!  Another Kodak moment!

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