Sunday, March 18, 2012

Birthday Party Part 2

After they got home from the bowling alley we played a few games.  It was hysterical!  The first game was shoot Yasmina in the eye with a slingshot!  LOL  Don't worry!  It was just a funny drawing of Yasmina up on the wall and the kids had to try and hit her eye.  Who ever got the closest won.  Nanna was the winner!

The next game was kiss the birthday girl on the lips.  Again, not the real girl, just a drawing! To make it harder, they were blindfolded, spun around and around, and had to keep their hands behind their backs.  This is what happened.

(WARNING!!!!  There is a very scary looking old woman in the videos!  The video guy was not supposed to get me in the shot! Next time I will have to make sure I do my face and hair!)






Then we had cake and ice cream.

Fun Times! 

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