Thursday, October 6, 2011


I thought I would update everyone on how things are going here.  They are going GREAT!  The girls have adjusted so well.  They have both slipped right into our family and into our hearts.  I am so proud of both of them.  Their English has progressed so much that both of them now tell me they think and dream in English!  It is funny to hear them talk to their families back in Denmark and Austria!  They have to think about how to speak in their native dialects! 

Supper time is my favorite time of day.  We all sit down together at the table and talk about our day.  What was their low?  What was their high?  Homework?  Friends?  And of course, volleyball!  It never ceases to amaze me what healthy and good eaters they are.  They will try ANYTHING!  I am a pretty good cook, but probably not the healthiest cook.   It is my opinion that everything is better with bacon and cheese!  I have had to learn to cook things that I must admit I have never even tried before.  My household has gone from canned green beans or carrots to fresh snap peas, zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes and any other fresh veggie I can get my hands on.  And of course, there must be salad at every meal.  My husband is afraid he digestive system is going to shut down with all of the healthy food he is consuming! 

I am a stay at home mom so I keep a pretty clean house but AFS suggested that the kids all be given chores to do.  So once a week (supposedly Fridays) the girls have to clean their bathroom and dust the house, (my must UNfavorite chore!) They take turns, and one will dust one week and the other clean the bathroom.  I have discovered that Nanna prefers cleaning the bathroom, she feels about dusting the same as I do.    I do not make them clean their rooms on a daily basis.  Nanna’s stays pretty tidy.  Yasmina’s…well…not so much!  LOL  But usually on Saturdays she picks it up.  

Yasmina loves having Gus and Grace around (the cats) as she has cats back in Austria.  Nanna is a dog person.  At least once a week she asks Rodger, “Dad, can we get a puppy?”  She reminds me of Katelyn, my daughter, who used to ask the very same question on a daily basis.  Kati eventually wore her dad down so there is hope for Nanna! 

We have a couple of trips coming up soon.  One to Washington D.C. and one to New Orleans, Louisiana and Houston, Texas.  The girls are looking forward to them.  They will get to meet Katelyn and her husband for the first time when we go to DC.  And when we get to Houston, almost my entire family will be there!  Hope their ready!  We are a wild and crazy bunch!  After the New Year we have trips planned to Disney, Sea World and Universal Studios and AFS is taking them to New York City! Lots of traveling!

So stay tuned into the blog!  There will be lots of photos coming! 

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  1. Tell Nanna she might get her wish if you like Phoebe! Oh and you can tell her that I'm on her side. -Katelyn